A presentation of some of the artists who live and work in St-Roman.


Discover the paintings of Ali Benyahya, Die, Drome

Spring, painting by Ali Benyahya

Ali Benyahya

I try to outline the intrinsic beauty in things, simply and without pretention.

I often start with quick sketches on the terrain, and it’s in my quiet studio, working from memory,
that I put the emotion into my paintings.   I try to work each day, sincerely and honestly, not to communicate
a vision or create a surprise, but to work in contact with myself.

Those who appreciate my paintings give them a life, and that’s where my satisfaction is.  Each work is a challenge, a reassesment.
Where others use words and phrases to communicate, I use colour.

Gallery visit in St Roman possible, by appointment.  Tel: 04 75 21 82 89  ali.benyahya(a)


Glandasse, Vercors Drome - view from the Diois

Glandasse (Pastel, 40×60) – Jury prize at the Chatillon en Diois Arts Festival.

Elisabeth Brzeczkowski

Diplômée de la Faculté d’Architecture de l’Ecole Polytechnique de Gdansk (Pologne),I draw and paint in parallel with my career as an architect.
I have developed over several years a theme based on landscapes, memories and plants.   I try to translate, through realistic works, the majesty and mystery
found in things that seem ordinary.
I often use black and white to evoke reality from a metaphysical distance.
I use pastels, lead pencils and Chinese ink on largescale paper (100x70cm).

Some works are designed as variations on a theme, and offer a new perspecive when exposed as dual ou triptique canvasses.

Drawing by hand what people have in their heads is magic, and draws strong emotions from the viewer.


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