Saint Roman (26410) is in the Drôme department situated in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.

The Mayor of Saint Roman is Mr. David Cornillon.

The deputy (MP) of the 3rd legislative circumscription is Mr. Hervé Mariton.

The surface of Saint Roman is 710 hectares (7.1 km2) with a minimum altitude of 458 metres and a maximum of 1167 metres.

Saint Roman hosts 166 habitants (2012 census) with a population density of 23,38 people per km2.

Saint Roman (26410) is a part of a wider governing body, the Community of Communes in the Diois region.

The neighbouring communes of Saint Roman are :

Laval d’Aix (26150) / Aix en Diois (26150) / Menglon (26410) / Châtillon en Diois (26410) / Recoubeau Jansac (26310)

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